The amount of TV I watch says a lot about my life (nothing positive, I imagine). But what can I do? I’m a sucker for a narrative that pulls me in and refuses to let go, for characters I can laugh, rage and share pain with. I fall for it every time. In a way (a very pathetic way), I’m a hopeless romantic for television. So it really pains when characters I’ve been following for years get brushed away by heartless network executives. In other words, cancellation.

I won’t be bullheaded and claim that the executives are idiots and that they cancelled the show just to spite me and the tiny audience that watched it. Everything in life is a business decision. Either a show performs or it doesn’t, and not every show can be Two And A Half Men (either be grateful or regretful about that, your choice). The network does share some blame; shows get shifted around, not promoted properly or they get stuck in a timeslot where they’re expected to perish. It’s happened to so many shows I’ve loved that it’s hard to even count them up anymore. The recent cancellation of Terriers – we’ll talk about that later – prompted me to write this article.

I’ll end this article by telling you that According to Jim lasted for 8 seasons, and Arrested Development barely made it past 2. Stew on that for a while.

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