Arrested Development guest characters that need to show up in the movie

Arrested Development (one of the best television comedies of all time, ever heard of it?) has been on the verge of becoming a movie for several years now. The saga is known to most people aware of their pop culture surroundings – insanely funny show airs on FOX, gets a small but unwaveringly loyal legion of fans, darling of the critics, gets cancelled after three seasons. It was a bittersweet ending for most fans; while there was a sense of closure, everyone obviously wanted more, and executive producer and narrator shows up in the last frame of the finale and says “How about a movie?”

Well the movie has hit it’s share of roadblocks, but it seems like it might finally be on track with the cast signed on and a script being written. We might get our hearts broken again, but we can’t help but be hopeful. Which brings me to the point of this article – I was thinking today how much fun the various guest stars had been in their respective roles on the show, and how great it’d be if they brought them back. So I assembled a small list of some of the actors/characters that definitely need to show up in the movie.

Gene Parmesan (Martin Mull)
“Gene was from the best” – Narrator
As Mama Bluth’s favorite PI, Gene unravels family mysteries and wears ridiculous outfits. He only showed up in one episode, but his trademark scene pop-ins where he’s disguised as a doctor/custodian/day labourer were the best part of  “Amigos”. Lucille’s scream of recognition everytime was icing on the cake.

Carl Weathers (Carl Weathers)
“Baby, you got a stew going!”
Weathers plays a cheap, odd, stew-obsessed version of himself (or maybe that’s the real Carl Weathers, who knows) on Arrested Development. I think he’s a necessary part of any movie that gets made because when people think “Carl Weathers”, they don’t think Rocky or Predator or even Action Jackson, they think AD. Plus he’s hilarious.

J. Walter Weatherman (Steve Ryan)
“That’s why you always leave a note.”
The one-armed man who used to scare them as children (and one time as an adult), J. Walter Weatherman was used as a tool by George Bluth to teach his children lessons by scaring the shit out of them. I could just see a lesson going awry in the movie like it does every time he shows up in the show.

Judge Reinhold (Judge Reinhold)
“I’ll allow this, but I’m warning you Mr. Bluth… this better make for a good promo.”
Reinhold only appeared in one episode, as himself, as a judge. Wrap your head around that. But it was his nonsensical mutterings – “Why did I lose all that weight if they’re just going to put me in a pool cover?” –  and aloof reactions to the mock trial going on around him that made that episode. And who could forget the talking magazines, used to great effect by Gob and Franklin in this clip.

Uncle Jack (Martin Short)
“Shoot me!”

Martin Short played the diminutive, paraplegic uncle (but he’s not their real uncle) of the family, a Jack Lalanne type figure who is asked by Michael to bail out the family in exchange for a date with his sister (remember, he’s not their real uncle). This might seem like an odd choice, because if you asked some Arrested Development fans, they’d say that the episode in which he starred is probably the worst. I used to agree, but it’s grown to be one of my favorites, and not just because it’s almost 90% Tobias innuendo. Martin Short does a fantastic job at physical comedy in this episode, and I think there’d be room for ol’ Uncle Jack if the movie ever pans out.

  1. You totally forgot the great James Lipton!

    • Yeah, I forgot him 😦
      There were a couple of others I was debating like Barry Zuckercorn, the Ice, and Wayne Jarvis.

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