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Hey, so we recorded a new episode of the Bodycast

Josh and I got together with Jordan and Steven, two friends of mine to record a super long episode of the Bodycast this week. Clocking in at almost 2 hours, we’re covering our favorite crap of the year, specifically movies and games (and some music and TV). Click on Bodycast at the top of the page for the appropriate links (it’s episode 6!). And remember to try and win our guess that track contest, and win a chance at some random games from the Steam store! Get busy listening…


New Bodycast episode is up

So Josh and I come back from a 8 month hiatus to record another inane episode of The Bodycast, our podcast for Digital Body Count. For those technologically challenged people who hate iTunes, you can download it here, just go File -> Save Page As once it’s loaded. For those who are awesome and use iTunes (I love you all) just go here and subscribe or download the latest episode, it’s super easy! While you’re there, take the time to rate and review, we need every listener we can get, and your words of praise (or scorn) might just help us out.┬áIf you’re looking for our back catalog, just go to the top of the page here and click on Bodycast, and you’ll find every episode we’ve ever done.

In behind-the-scenes news, we’ll probably end up being a little more consistent and prolific with this podcast; we’ll try and do one once a week, but guaranteed we’ll do at least one episode a month. Next episode we’ll be doing a roundup of the year’s best stuff, including games, movies and possibly music.

New episode of the bodycast is up

So we have a new episode of the Bodycast where we discuss nothing and everything. Either go to our Bodycast page (above) and click on the links there, or just click here to go straight to our iTunes page so you can subscribe to us. Full cast tonight, and we had a pretty good time.