Hey! You found our podcast. Good for you.
So… here it is.
Here’s a permanent link to our iTunes page. Clicking the link should open your iTunes for you.

I’ll continually add download links to our episodes as we record more (for people who don’t like awesome things like iTunes and would rather listen to the podcast in their browser!).

Episode 1: Lacking two of our regular contributors (Aaron and Chad), Baljot, Nick and Josh venture onwards into territory unknown – garbage movies, World of Warcraft and goblins, was Kane and Lynch really a 6.0 game and if it’s possible to get a flying command center like M. Bison in Street Fighter. It’s weird, it’s bizarre, it’s informative – it’s the Bodycast.

Episode 2: All the regulars are busy attending metal concerts, playing WoW or sleeping, so it’s just Baljot and Josh at the helm.

Episode 3: So once again it’s just Baljot and Josh, but we recorded an extra long podcast just for your listening pleasure! We talk about the big releases that are coming out in 2010 (Final Fantasy XIII, Fallout: New Vegas, Halo: Reach) and the games that have already come out (Mass Effect 2, Heavy Rain). Josh discovers he’s entitled to a free game, and we discuss potential Captain Americas and what we’ve been listening to recently. Welcome to the Bodycast.

Episode 4: We have a full cast today, with Josh, Nick, Chad and Baljot chiming in. Listen as we discuss the possibility of a Hannah Barbara racing game, Starcraft II, Coheed And Cambria and how Josh is in love with them, Alien vs Predator and how much it sucks, Bad Company 2, God of War III and how uninformative Chad Porter really is. Always enlightening, sometimes a really big waste of time, it’s the Bodycast from Digital Body Count.

Episode 5: In this episode of the Bodycast we discuss a whole bag of detritus, including the three day call (or text) rule, how life is like an Edward Norton movie (whatever that means), how much Hollywood can ruin a story that’s gift wrapped for them, and why the Hulk goes through so many actors. It’s insightful, it’s rubbish and it’s kinda depressing – it’s the Bodycast from Digital Body Count.

Episode 6: In this episode Josh and Baljot are joined by Steven and Jordan, who have all made lists of their favorite movies and games of the year. Join us for our end-of-the-year roundup of what was an amazing year in pop culture. Remember to enter our “Guess that track!” contest; try and guess which game or movie from which we grabbed the musical clip at the start of the episode and we’ll buy you something from the ongoing Steam Christmas Sale. Send your entries to; please give us your first name and the name of the game or movie. Subject line should read “Guess that track”.

Episode 7: Another episode of the Bodycast from Digital Body Count. Tonight Josh and Baljot are joined by Bart, raconteur, as well as Steven, whom you might remember from the last episode. Prepare for in-depth discussions on the worst supervillains of all time, found-footage movies, whether or not Heavy Rain is a game and collective hype for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
It’s provocative, it’s thought-provoking, it comes along every few months like a bad rash – it’s the Bodycast.

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